The Reasons That Law Is Such A Big Deal In DC

Washington DC is the place where the laws of the land are instituted. It is also the place where the United State Supreme Court resides, which is the highest authority in the land when it comes to a final interpretation of those laws.  However, St Louis is also a huge place for law.  The STL Personal Injury Lawyer‘s are some of the best in the nation.  You can’t overlook St Louis when it comes to topics of law, especially personal injury law.  Nevertheless, D.C. may be the biggest place for general law in the country.

Consequently there is a global need for experts when it come to the application and interpretation of many of the laws that congress institutes and the President of the United States signs into law.

For example take our environmental laws, of which there are ten major laws in effect that deal with the protection of US citizens and others from environmental hazards, and multitudes of regulations, interpretations and the like. If a business wishes to build a building, roadway, or any other structure, the environmental laws must be interpreted in order to move forward. This is why knowledgeable lawyers are needed in this set of circumstances.

Washington DC is also a bit different than other states, in that it is really not a state, but a district. It has the ability to make its own laws, also called the policy of “home rule” but the US congress has the ability to override these home rule laws if it is deemed that these laws are not in the best interest of the District. There are specialty areas of local law, that take a lawyer to interpret and help the citizenry to understand and deal with.

Wahington DC also has some quirky laws such as the one bite rule for dogs, or should it be called the non one bite rule. In many states if you have a dog that has previously not shown any aggression toward humans, or has not bitten anyone, the liability towards a dog owner is mitigated on the first bite. In Washington DC your dog that bites for the fist time places 100% of the liability upon the dog owner, regardless of the dog’s previous bite history. Again, knowledgeable attorneys are needed to work with the local people in these areas.

Since law originates in DC, it is also the place for law firms across the land to have offices as they can be in on the “inside” of things when it comes to the intent of the laws that are made and the understanding of how the laws can be applied in Chicago and Phoenix, for example.

Federal law has immense application throughout the land in just about every industry and business venture that exists. From the farm, the factory, and from withing most businesses, there is much time and energy that has to be focused on how certain laws pertain to their base of operations.

Having knowledgeable connections in the nation’s capital gives companies the edge on the interpretation and application of those laws.

It is also a fact that lawyers become members of congress, and then after that they either become lobbyists or are part of major law firms that specialize in very specific areas of the law. When someone is known as a Washington DC lawyer, it is assumed that they have the right connections to have influence and expertise in certain areas. And in most cases, that is a true statement.